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Forex bar chart trading 6e

9. With the Range Bars, the traders are still very capable of using their most favorite indicators. There is no requirement to changing the setups with your favorite indicator.

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I tried to close that trade as many times as I could but it was impossible to close because the price was way down below where my stop loss price was! Price jumped my stop loss.

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The similar situation happens in an uptrend: prices move down to the moving average lines (downswing) and then bounces up from them (upswing).

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Thanks for so powerfull teaching whit pin s want to know where i can read your answerd to all the questionr you receive? william.

I use New York time. Don 8767 t get too hung up on the details such as time. It is the concept that patterns speak to.

Right above the current week update, you will see many links to show you what to do with the current update. While the term signal is used, they are setups and potential setups and you use the price action strategies that are contained in the course to help trade them.

The information in this site is for educational purposes only and in no way a solicitation of any order to buy or sell. The author and publisher assume no responsibility for your trading results. There is an extremely high risk in trading.

For this eurjpy setup above, I’m going to be sitting down and watching it to see if I get a bearish reversal candlestick in the 6hr or the 9hr….it’s probably going to happen tonight in maybe 9-8hrs time but the price is getting close to that resistance level. I really don’t like trading breakouts where I see the price has been overextend for a long period of time so even if this one breakouts to the upside, I will not be buying. I will be waiting for a pullback to buy, if that happens.

Hi Jose. I appreciate the kind words! The course was written a while ago by the old owner of the website. I am updating a lot of what was written by him though. He certainly put a lot of love into the site. I hope that people see the charts that are posted and begin to find their own way to tackle the markets so they can become self-sufficient. Trading is a wonderful business where really you make your own future. I always say it is a meritocracy.

Because there are so many trader watching that resistance level and  they all know that price has been rejected from this level on a previous one or two occasions and that tells them that it is a resistance level and that they can also see that bearish reversal candlestick formation … and guess what they will be waiting to do?

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