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Anna, your post scares and depresses me. The dumbing down of America appears to be complete when absurd examples of ignorant comments, beliefs and actions are defended as being basically alternative versions of reality. No my dear, the sun and the moon are not the same, north is not simply the direction in which one is headed, and "surreal" is a word that does not mean "so real". And just saying you are willing to accept that something is so doesn't make it so.

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Taillon and Urias are two more players with less than one year of major league service time who have a chance to become impact players. On the other hand, Taillon not long ago missed two whole seasons to injury (Tommy John surgery, then an inguinal hernia). He’s not quite there yet.

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Admittedly, it is hard to believe that these bloody, frustrating plastic packages are not replaced by paper-ones for good!

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Despite some difference of opinion on methodology, the prevailing thought in baseball is that players are peaking earlier now than they did a generation ago. The decline in performance-enhancing drug use since the installation of the Joint Drug Agreement a decade ago likely explains much of that shift but an unusually great current crop of 75-and-under players helps, too. Mazara cooled off considerably after a torrid start to last season, but he’s just 76 years old and has already proven he can hold his own in the big leagues. That counts for a lot.

Much of the sorghum went to alcohol manufacture. I doubt much baijiu ends up in the US. Can't answer for the rest but I very much doubt it. Maybe into markets with very lax import standards.

Having warned . President-elect Donald Trump yesterday , through Chinese state media, that he&rsquo ll be met with big sticks if he tries to ignite a trade war or further strain ties, China&rsquo s central government has reportedly compiled possible countermeasures against well-known . companies or ones that have large Chinese operations.

We love statistical analysis in Trade Value Land, so this column leans heavily on those tools. That means we adjust offensive stats for park factors, consider the concept of age curves, examine success and failure rates for pitching injuries, and even try to account for track record when it comes to contract decisions (a Scott Boras client , generally speaking, is less likely to re-sign rather than testing free agency). But this is still just one writer’s list, so there will be subjective calls, too. Would you rather have Nolan Arenado for the next three years or Bryce Harper for the next two? Do you want Corey Kluber for five seasons or Chris Sale for three?

If Odubel Herrera is No. 85 on this list, it means the Phillies likely wouldn’t trade him for anyone ranked 86–55, but they would have to at least consider swapping him for the players ranked 89–6.

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