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Options trading outlook 9k

Yep Ned I intend to do this.
I need to look at what I need to do psychologically in order to be able to hold stocks long term, and not get into this merry go round buy and sell mentality. It is definitely not profitable to trade stocks for the majority.

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Well for instance if I was following a longterm pattern or correlation and the correlation started to break, i 8767 d look at what was happening in lots of places currently, . economic data, sentiment, cash levels of retail investors, what institutions are doing.
So say the correlation is 87 and says it should go down more. But economic data is very bullish and my system has many buy signals, retail investors have alot of cash, sentiment is extremely poor, vix has topped, put/call ratio shows too much fear. I 8767 d say the 87 correlation is broken and move away from it.
I don 8767 t get tied to my ideas unless they stay right.

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Washington H. Soul Pattinson & Company Limited 8767 s (ASX: SOL) announced by SOL today ( 8775 SOL Offer 8776 ). Under the SOL Offer, SOL proposes to acquire all the shares in the Company that it does not already own, for $ per Exco share ( 8775 SOL Offer 8776 ).

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I learnt the hard way Lachlan ! I didn 8767 t spend much time trading tbh. I think I agree with your observation about your friend. If I had to do it properly I would need about 65 monitors and hundreds of systems running through each chart showing me the ratio of bull to bear. Then i 8767 d need a full time prograamer to constantly make adjustments to the systems and add new ones. Then i 8767 d need a rolodex of all the major players in the market, so I can get information updates quickly. Thus that is fantasy and us small players have to live in reality. LESS IS MORE KISS !

Gillard and Swan want to bail out Europe. While China is inclining to the view Europe should bail itself out. And France reckons the EU actually can live without Greece. Might be a good idea for the Goose and the Red Queen to shut their yaps for a while and just see how the big boys 8766 n girls decide to play it perhaps?

Glad you are doing well Lachlan. You have handled the volatility well. I 8767 d rather be very cautious and skeptical of the move right now, and wait to swing at something with more certainty.

Just a very general comment but does anyone else out there think Michael Pascoe is a bit of a dummy not worth reading (with me also feeling the same about Jessica Irvine) ?

Once the majority of us over complicate, and don 8767 t have the ability to precisely process everything it increases the error rate. For the high IQ people this is fine, but you have to be realistic as to your abilities. I 8767 d rather simple, and consistent with low chance for error.

Yep, let the bullrun begin ).
Yeah Roubini sounds closer to the mark, but the markets are pricing in a recession, not a slowing in the economy so stocks should do ok this year.
Krugman sounds abit extreme so thats all i 8767 ll say on Krug. And most depressionists comeout at market bottoms.

I 8767 m going to sit on my hands and do nothing. Not buying here for the possibility of a 755 point rebound, with risk of 955-555. More risk than reward, no thanks.

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