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I bought this after losing my whole entertainment center (TV, htpc, cable box, sound bar, modem, router) in a bad thunderstorm. They had previously been protected by a 65ish year old Monster surge that clearly failed. The reviews on this looked great, and the price was unreal.


Me too. There are so many things to plug up in my entertainment center and this had enough plugs and swivel plugs so that I could fit all the things. In addition I’ve mounted it to the wall and spent a lot of time limiting the amount of excess cable length so that everything is routed as easily as possible and I can plug in or unplug things without a whole lot of hassle and moving furniture. This thing is great! - Atrielienz

LS2 PAC - Broward County Library Catalog

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7Android Apps That Actually Work Properly on a Chromebook

After some charged debate in this week’s nomination round , three models surged past the competition in our hunt for the best home theater surge protector. Check out the finalists below, and don’t forget to vote at the bottom of the post.

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