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Metatrader net api json

Is there a way to generate a bhavcopy of all nse stocks for today(current day) at particular time say . basically i need open,high,low,close,vol of all nse stocks around 8pm. ie it should have the open, high,low,close and volume of that day till 8pm.
Pls tell me if there is a way. thank you in advance

Google Realtime Intraday Backfill Data - Marketcalls

Could you please let me know how to get the data from instead of regular start time. Could you please guide me on this. How and what to change in ts. Requesting your help on this , please. Thanks

-Commodity, stock and forex quotes, charts

I checked the open price and current prices. But seems not matching with existing open price, and don 8767 t understand for which hour/time the values are.

Illiquid Markets. Money Management

Many of us know that google provides 65 day intraday 6min backfill. But where is the source how the softwares like volume digger getting those backfill data?

From this point of view, different programming languages may have different grammars, or different vocabularies. Each may treat semi-colons a particular way, or require capitalization -- but they are sort of the same underneath all that.

I am trying to use this tool to streamline some financial information but there seems to be a bug in the code I downloaded. No matter what I fill in in the excel sheet, the code always seems to extract the same period between today and a month ago, whereas I need much older data.

OANDA has changed its website in the past days. Data is no longer available. Do you have a solution?
I am using a macro I built from scratch 7 years ago but I cannot find a good source website now to get exchange rates.
I appreciate your feedback.

I 8767 ve tried the google option for 65 days by hour and I can only get 5 days of hourly data? Am I missing someting I use the following string when trying to get hourly data

I tried to run this on my WinXP Excel 7558
and i had same error as Jim got,
“Compile Error: Variable not defined”
SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlAscending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal

I too seen that message. I think API is different from the JSON datafeed. Still Iam not sure will the link cease to exit working or not after Oct 7567

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