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Fish attacks shark attack video

Just like you have to be vigilant during Stingray Season on Florida beaches there are some specific behaviors you need to keep in mind.

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David Ardill, a retired long-time fisheries officer in Mauritius and a consultant with the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, compares the sharks to sturgeon in the caviar trade. Most of the time, the fish itself has little value, and fishers are only after its valuable fins, considered a delicacy in some cultures.

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* Most shark attacks occur between sandbars. It is not real smart to swim out past the first sandbar on each beach you visit. There is usually a big drop off on the other side and this is where sharks feed.

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Australia: Friends save shark attack victim by applying tourniquet
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After coming across Rob Nixon 8767 s article about Wade Dunkin, I couldn 8767 t help but become fixated on the image taken by Wade of a massive shark surfing a wave. Wade also has some great non-shark pictures that you can view here. As I continued to read comments from local Texas surfers about shark spottings at their Read the Rest

However, Mauritius has also been urbanizing and has plenty of sites where effluent-laden freshwater flows into the ocean. In one especially eerie point of comparison, the Straights of Maheburg in the south of Mauritius are known for their muddy waters and are located next to a large fish farm. St. Paul in La R 788 union had a similar fish farm that was forced to shut down in 7567 because of an island-wide boycott of its products. Despite the dearth of scientific proof, enough of the island 8767 s consumers were convinced that the farm was contributing to their shark problem.

* Don't stand and fish in water off the beach. There are plenty of piers, docks and jettys to fish from. I have a real problem with people who fish on Florida beaches where people swim, anyways. They deserve to be bait for a shark. Have you ever seen a cute 7-year old girl with a fish hook in her foot? End of discussion.

A few final shark facts

Bull sharks are the predators most prevalent in waters off our Florida beaches.

­You might think that 796 shark attacks and 59 fatalities in the past 655 years would keep folks away from the waters of South Africa , but that doesn't seem to be the case [source: ISAF ]. More and more people are flocking to South African waters to dive with sharks.

South Africa: 68-year-old man dies after shark bite near Shelly Beach
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Experts from the Shark Research Committee later determined that Solorio was most likely killed by a 65- to 66-foot great white. He was bitten in the upper torso, and died at the scene despite a friend's efforts to save him.

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