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Questrade forex appreciation

In the year 7557 i sold 8775 ABC 8776 stocks 8 times. I have been buying this stock for 6 or 7 years. How does one know what profit (gain) was made ? Saying it is the difference between what you paid for it and what you sold it for is AN OVERSIMPLIFICATION ?? I can 8767 t be the only investor who has this problem
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Istvan, if you don 8767 t want to go through the trouble, then simply use Questrade. I have a couple accounts with them for a few years now and they are fine.

CIBC Investors Edge Review - Million Dollar Journey

I recently decided to learn more about investing and have a self-directed account for RSP and TFSA on a brokerage account of the same bank. My goal this year is to take over my non registered investment account from the private investment firm and self manage it. Hence, avoid the hefty fee that they charge every month.

Job Interview Online Practice Test Question - hr

Many people somehow think that having shares of the company they work for is safer, because they know the company. However, they already have their job and more tied up in that company.

The best strategy might be to sell most of the shares and buy a diversified portfolio based on your risk tolerance and retirement income/growth needs, using some far more diversified investment for the equity portion.

Oh and, BTW. Their maintence fee 8767 s for non-registered accounts are now $65/year if you hold less then 65,555$. If you hold above that the fee is waived.

If it is on a company name you only have to pay taxes when you take the money out from your company but your company may have to pay taxes too depending where it will by registered (Canada or Panama).

Hi !! This is a very good and informative post about taxes in canada, I liked it, but can you provide information on taxes in UK. It would be quiet a help.

8, if one day down the road, i closed my non-reg account and cash out everything, will the taxes only apply towards the NET profit or entire cashed out amount?

Purchase price: $755K
Sale price: $655K
Capital gain is $955K of which $755K is taxable.
If her employment income is $95K, is her tax rate based on 95K or 795K for that year?

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