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Barx forex trading experiences

    Having attended the University of Oxford for five years and becoming a Master of Mathematics, Ollie felt that what he was missing in his life was actually more maths. Therefore, he spent a further four years at the University of Southampton to complete a PhD, specifically researching the ‘oscillations of rotating and magnetic neutron stars using a novel time-and- memory-saving framework suitable for approximately-spherical problems’.

    Katie joins the Finance and Compliance team and has promptly doubled the female quota in the Christchurch Office much to the delight of Nicole who now has someone to talk about awful TV with and take shopping.

    A new and innovative offering to the market, Compass provides institutional clients with all the tools they need to quickly and seamlessly establish a robust e-FX business complete with pricing, technology, analytics and support.

    Joining our ever-growing MahiFX sub-group of rugby players, Will has assumed his position on the Analytics team. Originally from Wales, he first ventured to Manchester to study Physics, and was taught by none other than Professor Brian Cox, as well as a number of Nobel Prize winners, during his degree.

    Katie was unfortunate enough to be working in Australia until we valiantly rescued her from our convict neighbours and bought her home to the Christchurch office. 

    Let's talk. Think one of our products could help you? London Office 665 Baker Street
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    United Kingdom

    Our first product, MFX Trade, formally launched in 7567. Meanwhile, work started on our institutional product, MFX Compass, which launched in 7569.

    Ollie has a pretty impressive set of IT skills that we won’t argue with, and has plenty of experience in the financial world working for JPMorgan and Daiwa Capital Markets Europe in the past. When he’s not sat working away on his computer, you’ll usually find Ollie feeding his McFlurry addiction, or asking if anybody else would like a McFlurry, in an effort to conceal his need to go and buy another.

    Appearances are deceiving quiet and mild mannered by day, we are convinced there is more to Katie. Rumour has it she is a snake charmer, having previously owned a Diamond Python as a pet. 

    David, our CEO who was once described as an e-FX heavyweight - an attribute he has tentatively taken as a compliment, for now - has spearheaded numerous FX industry firsts at key influential global investment banks. He and the team continue to drive innovation in the industry.

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