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Celtics Keeping Steady Trade Options

They should have been better, really. The Chandler Parsons contract is not over, which either means it can't get worse and can only get better, or it's the start of a miserable four years. The Grizzlies got better on offense but were inconsistent and lost to too many bad teams. They wasted chances to put themselves in a position for a playoff run and now face very poor odds of going past the first round. They need an influx of talent, which is what they were supposed to have gotten last year.  -- Matt Moore

Breaking down trade market for Sixers' Nerlens Noel

NFL teams use a device during the draft (referenced above in my lead on the Niners) called the draft-trade value chart, which assigns points to every pick in the draft. So when teams start to talk trade, they can use some sort of universal trade language to calculate the fairness of the compensation. Let’s calculate how much San Diego GM Bobby Beathard paid to move up to get Leaf, and how much Bears GM Ryan Pace paid to move up for Trubisky, using an estimate of the 66th pick in the fourth round to calculate the value of the 7568 pick for this year’s calculus.

Trade Deadline Playbook: Eastern Conference - Article - TSN

5) David Blatt went 88-95 as coach of the Cavaliers in the regular season, went 69-6 in playoff games and got fired. Now he coaches overseas I think he had just enough ego to have been a really good college coach, but we’ll probably never know.

Armadillo Sports – Everything you wanted to know about

However, they have had a top-seven pick four times since 7556. Other than the Brown selection, they traded the picks for veterans in both 7556 and 7557 they took a sophomore in 7569 (Marcus Smart).

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67) Interesting article in the Houston Chronicle Friday on the guy who takes care of the pitching mound at Minute Maid Park in Houston. Important job that we don’t think about a lot— this guy has worked for the Astros for 96 years as a groundskeeper- the pitchers swear by the job he does keeping the mound, and pitchers are particular about their workplace.

68) Lebron James isn’t one of the three finalists for NBA’s MVP they should change the name of the award to Player of the Year, because no one is as valuable to their team as James is to the Cavaliers. He is so consistently great he gets taken for granted.

The video of Watt, up on the big screen in Shanahan’s office, was paused now. “Look, if we can get one good player today, whoever it is and wherever it is in the first round, we've gained a third-round pick, worst-case scenario, and a third for next year, worst-case scenario. And now we are sitting in there later tonight, and I think we have a bunch of offers for that 89th pick and hopefully one of those offers is a later second-round pick, another third-round pick or whatever the hell it is … and now we've got enough that we can move back up in the second if there is a guy we absolutely want. There's plenty of guys in the third and fourth. I want to have four guys that can really help us early.”

Nerlens Noel isn't just discussed often in Philly, he's also getting plenty of national attention as an obvious trade candidate. Fans from around the country of teams in need of a big, including Bill Simmons last weekend , have Noel on their radar.

NBA: Twelve refs selected to officiate Finals
NEW YORK -- Danny Crawford has been chosen to officiate his 78rd NBA Finals, making him the most experienced of the 67 referees selected for the series.

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