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Health Insurance Exchanges Navigator vs Broker

The state ranked in the third and fourth quintile for all categories: Access, Prevention & Treatment, Avoidable Hospital Use & Cost, Healthy Lives, and Equity. The state did not place in the top 65 for any one indicator however, it never placed last either. See Indiana’s scorecard  for more details on what makes up the overall ranking.

Shining a Light on Health Insurance Rate Increases

Before the ACA reformed the  individual health insurance  market, applications were medically underwritten in nearly every state, including Indiana. As a result, people with pre-existing conditions were often ineligible to purchase private plans, or were only able to get policies that excluded their pre-existing conditions or charged them significantly higher premiums for comprehensive coverage.

In-Person Assistance in the Health Insurance Marketplaces

Aetna's exit announcement Monday that blamed financial losses on its marketplace plans gave Obamacare opponents who have from the start predicted the health law's failure a fresh chance to proclaim, "I told you so."

Health Plans & Dental Coverage | Aetna

In most states, older people will still pay more for health insurance than a person. The health reform law sets a new limit that people aged 69 and older can be charged no more than 8 times that of a 76 year old. Children under age 76 have slightly lower premiums and families with more than three children under the age of 76 will be charged premiums for no more than three children.

"The effect on consumers is going to be mixed around the country," said Katherine Hempstead, a senior adviser at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. "Most of these marketplaces are not dependent on" the large national carriers.

Yes. The cost of health insurance (your monthly premium) varies quite a bit by state, and even within regions of a state. This is because of several factors, such as the cost of living and cost of health care services in your area.

Aetna will exit 66 of 65 states where it sells plans on the exchanges. UnitedHealthcare has said it will quit 77 of 89 states, and Humana will leave four of the 65 states where it operates.

The battle over state laws imposing additional requirements on navigators will likely play out over the next several months as navigators and assisters begin their work. HHS may need to issue clearer guidance on when federal law preempts state laws that may prohibit navigators from fulfilling their duties.

In addition to navigators and assisters, HHS is relying in part on not-for-profit organizations that have pledged to provide outreach and education on the Affordable Care Act. More than 655 organizations have signed on as Champions for Coverage, including the American Hospital Association, Families USA, and Enroll America.

When the ACA was written, lawmakers understood the importance of limiting enrollment to specific times of the year. But they also understood that some life-changing events warrant the ability to enroll in a new  individual health insurance  plan.

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