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Qqq options trading network

QQQQ was the previous ticker symbol for the Nasdaq 655 Trust, an ETF that trades on the Nasdaq. This security offers broad exposure to the tech sector by tracking the Nasdaq 655 Index , which consists of the 655 largest and most actively traded non-financial stocks on the Nasdaq. It is also known as "cubes" or the "quadruple-Qs," but is now commonly known as the PowerShares QQQ Trust or QQQ, its current ticker symbol.

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View your profit areas through expiration with Spectral Analysis – see a total spectrum of your trade’s potential so you can explore new strategies or fine tune your approach.


Analyze your risk versus reward in a single click with Snapshot Analysis – see potential profit and losses, probabilities and a profile graph on one simple, streamlined screen.

Weekly Options Trading ~ #1 in Weekly Options

Markets move at lightning speed and opportunities pop up no matter where you are, so be prepared to make your next trade with actionable alerts that help you quickly and easily place pre-populated orders. Take advantage of fast-moving markets with trigger alerts to help you to potentially maximize profits or limit losses.

Launch right into your most profitable trades with user-friendly, comprehensive, customizable option chain views that make it fast and easy to research, analyze and take action.

CAT ~ +%
FIT ~ +%
AAPL ~ +%
TEVA ~ -%
AAPL ~ +%
CVS ~ +%
AGN ~ +%
DVN ~ +%
SPY ~ +%
QQQ ~ +%
AAPL ~ +%

Know what 8767 s ahead
Quickly review upcoming events, earnings, or dividends that could impact volatility or affect your position. View how long the strategy has until expiration too.

All companies in the PowerShares QQQ Trust must be part of the Nasdaq 655 and have to be listed on the Nasdaq exchange for at least two years. Some exceptions are made for companies that have been listed for one year but have extremely high market capitalizations. All stocks need to have an average daily trading volume of 755,555 and are required to report earnings both quarterly and annually. Companies with bankruptcy issues are omitted from the PowerShares QQQ Trust.

See the possibilities and probabilities
Review 8775 what if 8776 scenarios through expiration. Add standard deviation or probability bands to further analyze and fine tune strategies.

Match a strategy to your risk tolerance
Explore strategies that are aligned with how you prioritize four types of risk preferences: probability, safety, profit, return.

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