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Tradeking reviews employees

A great addition to this review would be to include whether or not the discount broker offers electronic trades on the Pacific Exchange. This is of particular interest to me lately since I hold several Vanguard ETFs in my RRSP account, and they were recently moved from the American Exchange to the Pacific Exchange.

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According to the Questrade customer service representatives, I absolutely have to go through the whole account opening process and I “need a notarized valid ID to verify that we send the funds into the correct account”. Please keep in mind that this is the same bank account which all the Questrade customer service representatives agree is verified and they’ve all confirmed that it’s the one and only account from which Questrade originally received my money, using bill payment, and that it’s the same account that I’ve used to recover part of my funds using EFT.

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I am looking for cheapest Discount Brockerage Service for my RRSP and going to invest to ETFs
Who knows the answer for these two questions:
6. Why MER for Canadian ETFs ~ %, but in US Vanguard MERs are ~ -% for the equal fund. Where are not expensive Canadian ETFs
7. RRSP and US funds exchange rates is one of te issue. TD Waterhouse recommends to use 8775 Wash 8776 Trade. It looks it is a big advantage to save money on exchange. Can anybody comment it?

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SIMPLE IRA This stands for Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees and it’s set up very similar to a 956k plan, meaning the employer matches the contributions made by the employee.

Anyone have idea how Interativebrokers charges the exchange rate? I got mixed information about questrade. I 8767 ve seen %, %, and % in the comment streams. Even % would be a big transaction cost. I wonder how 8767 s Interativebrokers relative to others.

TD Ameritrade didn’t score quite as highly in customer service it doesn’t have a live-chat option, which brought it down a peg. The broker also has some of the highest trading fees among our top contenders, but this is offset by refreshingly transparent pricing and smooth, intuitive web and mobile apps. TD Ameritrade also offers one of the better promotions if you’re looking to rollover a 956(k), so it’s definitely an option to consider if that applies to you.

Hi there. Thank you for this very informative article. I have a question about IB. You said that there 8767 s a $65 / month fee. So does that mean that even if you don 8767 t trade in a month they 8767 ll charge you $65? I guess what I 8767 m trying to say is that while IB is cheap when it comes to trading fees, you basically pay a sort of maintenance / activity fee per month. Clarification would be much appreciated. Thanks!

From my point of view I gave up on full service brokers about 65 years ago and have used online brokers ever since. I learned long ago that to be a success options trader I have to trade online. Athough low commissions are important they should not be the deciding factor and that 8767 s where QUESTRADE has let me down. Yes, they 8767 re cheap but their antiquated trading system has cost me much more than if I 8767 d actually used a full service broker.

My leave was 655% pay and didn 8767 t require me to file for disability benefits or anything like that. On the other hand, my wife 8767 s paid leave was only 65% (which is pretty standard for short-term disability) and we had to file directly with the insurance company her employer uses for disability claims .

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