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If i enter USD as account currency and want to trade in NZD/CHF then why position size calculator ask for current USD/CHF ask price it should ask for enter NZD/CHF ask price Please clear.

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Crude oil is running very fast downside. It can take some rest and may try to run 8855 this week. I will not say perfect entry level this week.

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Can you add the option of entering the stop-loss value to the calculator so that we can have an exact value of our stop loss?

Gann Square of Nine Calculator – Commodity |Forex

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Thank you for guiding us with different strategies of trading.
It would be of great help if you add all the pairs in the profit calculator tool.

I don 8767 t think this is related to calculator. A $65 value for one lot EUR/USD makes sense. What you see on your platform doesn 8767 t make sense. Could you please share a screenshot of the platform terminal when you have a one lot open position?

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If I cant apply WAP then, Can I use LTP instead of WAP?
Also please share me the password to download the limitation document.

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