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Weeman reached out to those closest to him and tried to move forward, but he was stuck in thinking that God could never forgive him for what he had done with his life. It was a friend he made through a Adult Bible study that corrected his vision of the divine, telling him that he wouldn 8767 t be able to recover from his addiction without God 8767 s grace. Other members of the group also welcomed him with compassion and understanding, not judgment—and that made all the difference.

James Matthews' astonishing 10 YEAR campaign to woo Pippa

Goethe showed wisdom in these thoughts, perhaps especially in the use of the word 8775 enough. 8776 Often we seek much more than we need when contentment and gratitude can come from having 8775 enough. 8776

Bible Food for Hungry Christians

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More than 65 years ago, Chase started working at her in-laws 8767 bar and sandwich shop, called Dooky Chase (the family name). As reported by , she wanted to establish a sit-down restaurant for African-Americans like herself who weren 8767 t allowed to eat in white establishments. Her changes—which included her special gumbo for Holy Thursday— made Dooky 8767 s more popular. It even became a haven for civil rights meetings with people like Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Terrible tragedies occur in many people 8767 s lives, pushing them to the edge of despair and hopelessness. It 8767 s a problem Tod Worner wrestled with on his Patheos blog—and he found some answers in the life of Jesus.

Silverstein quoted Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, with whom McNair became friendly at MIT. 8775 We felt we had an opportunity and an obligation, 8776 she said, 8775 to inspire others like us. 8776

Their little-known story has now been documented by Tim Townsend in the book Mission at Nuremberg. He writes that Rev. Gerecke wouldn 8767 t accept fake attempts at penitence:

That 8767 s from Portia 8767 s speech in The Merchant of Venice. You may benefit from contemplating those words. You know Jesus said, 8775 Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy. 8776 Is there anyone who needs your mercy today?

He writes, 8775 8766 Star Wars 8767 is popular among 95-somethings like me because we saw the original when we were kids and it captured our imaginations. But we were likely so at the time, we wouldn 8767 t have gone to the theater by ourselves. For myself, I remember my father taking me to Manhattan to see it. We had never gone to the city to see a movie, so this was something special. I suspect a lot of other people my age have similar memories.

The program is a joint effort of private citizens and corporate sponsors. While volunteers perform all the actual repairs, local building-supply companies provide the materials and nearby restaurants provide workers with food. Houses that were unsafe and in disrepair are transformed into welcoming homes, but the real achievements are the bonds that form when neighbors work together for a common cause.

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