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Extrinsic value options trading

Liquid / Liquidity - The ease at which a purchase or sale can be made without disrupting existing market prices. Read About What Affects Stock Option Liquidity Here!

Beginners Guide to Options - Technical Analysis Trading

For reading about expiration day trading and advanced expiration strategies like 8775 Pinning 8776 then there is a good free article at SFO(Stocks,Futures& Options) magazine with Jeff Augen (along with a webinar about the article).

Share Market interview questions and answers - Share

CME Globex allows orders to be placed for various different durations. An order entered into the CME Globex system that does not contain an order duration qualifier will be canceled if it is not filled during the trading day in which it was received or, if it was received between trading days, during the next trading day. Current order durations qualifiers are: Day/Session, Good ’Till Canceled (GTC), Good ’Till Date (GTD), Fill or Kill (FOK) and Fill and Kill (FAK).

Glossary Of Option Trading Terms by

The maximum position, either net long or net short, in one commodity futures or options, or in all futures or options of one commodity combined, which may be held or controlled by an entity without a hedge exemption as prescribed by an exchange or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

As a trader, you must ensure that whenever you are spending any money it is worth the cost. And hence it is even more important to test the efficacy of the signals before committing yourself to the signal service providers.  There are several signal service providers in the market and it is very difficult to distinguish amongst the genuine and the scam artist. Every trader faces the dilemma whether to trust or not to trust.

Each Wednesday the CBOE will release a list of options for the following Fridays expiration. This occurs every week except for the third week when monthly options expire instead of week options.

In fact, it has been documented that in 7557, both stock and options trading volume during Quadruple Witching days rose by about 55% to 65% more than the daily average for the year. Even though there might be increased amount of volatility in certain stocks during Quad Witching, the overall stock market action does not look significantly different from a normal non Quadruple Witching day.

How to build a CTA - Creating a trend following fund (Saeed Amen) - In this talk we explain how to create trend following strategies which CTA-style funds typically follow. We shall also give a step by step demo of implementing an FX trend following strategy in PyThalesians - open source Python library for analysing markets - https:///thalesians/pythalesians

The true mark of a great binary options signal provider is that the provider must be consistent in the provision of signals that help execute winning trades time after time. Therefore, these signals must be of the highest quality in the market. Traders must be able to trust them to the extent that they consider the reliability on these signals as the basis of their successful trading in the binary options marketplace. One such provider who has proved to be the best in the business of signal provision is  Binary Option Robot – The Real Robot.

CME Clearing program in which clearing members can earn a monthly hard dollar benefit by depositing US dollar cash in a CME bank account at a select financial institution. Clearing members can satisfy a portion of their core and all of their reserve and concentration requirements by directing cash deposits into CME's account.

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