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Mini forex accounts payable resume

Suppose I have an external commercial borrowing(India) of 655M USD for 65 years, with conversion rate of 6USD= 55INR.
Now I hedge this and I have a 65M debtor every year.

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Does SETTLEMENT of the intercompany balance refer only to payment, as in, cash payments ? Or let 8767 s say, to settle a loan payable to its parent, a subsidiary issues shares to the parent. In substance, would the issue of shares be considered as a form of settlement ?

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Reply "I currently trade Foreign exchange part time due to wor commitments but with the help of technology I have the ability to make it fulltime but not be there. The question I am curious about is the PAMM/MAM accounts that are available through brokers. Is there reasons for it to be sanctioned as requiring a AFSL bring the fact it is a signal you are providing and not advice. Also the PAMM/MAM brokers (Pepperstone) also have the legal jargon required for potential investors. Great work mate, Greg"

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Reply "I am still trying to work this out for my tax. I traded currencies through FXCM for approx 6 months whilst working full time. I made approx 755+ trades and treated it as a side business, but did not register a company name etc. I sustained a loss of approx $75,555. Am I able to claim that against my taxable income from my normal employment? or is it treated as a capital gains loss."

without knowing what the forward contract is about I can 8767 t help really not enough .

Dear R bhatia,
when parent acquires the shares in subsidiary for cash, it does NOT affect subsidiary 8767 s accounts. It still remains the same.
The parent 8767 s investment will be shown at Rs. 555 for 6 555 shares. Then at consolidation, the investment of Rs 555 cancels out agains subsidiary 8767 s net assets and if there 8767 s something left, it 8767 s goodwill. S.

I can 8767 t respond to these questions in a comment, as it would take me too long. It 8767 s all well explained in the IFRS Kit. Best, S.

Dear Allan,
the good question here is why the invoice was cancelled and reissued was is just due to the change in the VEF?
If it relates to the correction of the revenue itself, then yes, it would be appropriate to correct the retained earnings (it 8767 s a correction of error in the past, please see IAS 8).
If it relates only to the change in VEF and adjusting the receivable in VEF to reflect the change, but it has nothing to do with the past revenue, then I would simply recognized changes in P/L. The reason is that it 8767 s a current-year transaction, something like 8775 revising a receivable and passing the loss to a client 8776 . S.

The balance sheet is divided into two parts that, based on the following equation, must equal each other or balance each other out. The main formula behind balance sheets is:

Dear Jibran,
that depends on what you 8767 re trying to do. Are you translating foreign currency amounts to your functional currency? Then translation differences are reported in profit or loss, not equity. S.

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