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Short selling put option in commodities

I agree that you guys provide super-easy and fast platform to trade but on the cost of numerous operational issues, which need to be given the first priority !

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The pop up window shows Zero, but to calculate the IV you can first add the contract on the marketwatch and click Shift + o, this opens up an option calculator window where you can calculate the IV.

Option Price Calculator

You can Short puts, when market goes up, put values will come down and hence if you are short puts you can profit. When you short options, the risk is unlimited and profit is limited to the premium you receive when you short the option. Since the risk is unlimited, a margin is blocked in your trading account similar to futures.

Option Types: Calls & Puts

Attention New Jersey and Iowa Residents: Unfortunately we are not able to sell Pro Series electronic radon detectors to New Jersey and Iowa customers because each state requires that companies selling the devices must undergo a costly and time consuming certification process. We apologize for the inconvenience. Click here if you would like to purchase this detector from a New Jersey or Iowa approved dealer.

Short selling is also known as "shorting," "selling short," or "going short." To be short a security or asset implies that one is bearish on it and expects the price to decline.

Nitin ,
i am new to this field , the link which you have provided doesnt have any pdf ,which can explain options and its characteristics. wish to know ,is there any good material available, and if possible can you provide that

The Pro 8 digital radon monitor is designed to plug into a standard 665-volt household outlet using the attached 65 foot power cord. The detector may be placed face-up on a tabletop, counter top, or any flat surface where the ventilation slots will not be blocked. The radon detector provides a continuous reading of the radon level in your home.

The window will look like below when you click on the restore button and the prices should start refreshing as the data is fetched from your market watch. So Ensure that the option contracts mentioned is available on the market watch as mentioned in point 7.

6 Is it possible to buy option NIFTY PE 8655 in morning or in noon on Intraday basis and sell it on Next day when there is possibility of further increment ?

All options on NSE today are european now, which means you can exercise it only on the expiry day. In any case on the expiry day all options get exercised by default, so need to have this facility as long as the options are european.

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