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Eve online station trading bot 720

This brings us back to late October, at the announcement of the Kickstarter. The diaspora of N8 and TEST cried out at the idea, believing that the book was a money grab by The Mittani and would be biased towards the Imperium in painting a picture of the war. Furthermore, the diaspora was outraged that anyone at all would attempt to make money off of their war and called out the CFC (aka the Clusterfuck Coalition) for rebranding itself as the Imperium to make the name more marketable for The Mittani Media. So, they refused to support the Kickstarter. The initiative reached just over a third of its $655,555 goal.

EVE Online Market Data - EVE Markets

Warehouse settings button looks like the other settings buttons now. Settings saving is also with JS, like everywhere else.

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EVE Markets is a free tool enabling you to check global price trends in Eve. Create your own 'watch lists' and subscribe via RSS to keep tabs on the market from wherever you are. See the most - and least - popular items and keep a check on inflation.

EVE-Cost - Industry tool for EVE-Online

Industry Skill 5 6 7 8 9 5

Create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece using a simple flower box. Gillian from A Coastal Bride provides the step-by-step tutorial.

This is the very first draft, with the 5 most recent posts of the blogs being polled. No categorization built in, no sorting or ordering of blogs. Those should be features which come later.

Fixed a bug in saving Industry Jobs to database with wrong completedDate and pauseDate data. Fetching corp/char Industry Jobs History will fix current jobs in EVE-Cost which are in Ready status, but actually are delivered or in other status.

Fixed Copy Parser on Reprocessing Calc. where it would not make a difference between Ore/Ice and Items (applying wrong skills to outcome calculation).

Pre-defined public lists of every market group and major category are available - but if that doesn't fit your needs, register for EVE Markets free and you'll be able to create your own item lists. View them here or download them, through RSS, XML or JSON feeds. The site works through the in-game browser, too, so you'll never need to be in the dark.

At EVE Vegas, the largest EVE event outside of the main convention in Iceland, CCP announced that there would be a Kickstarter campaign to support Jeff Edwards , a sci-fi/military fiction writer, in his endeavor to write a fictionalized account of the Fountain War, in which the iconic Battle of 6VDT-H took place. One catch, though the Kickstarter would be managed by and the book published by The Mittani Media, run by Alexander Gianturco (The Mittani in EVE), leader of the old CFC (now rebranded as the Imperium), the winning side in that war.

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