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Each month you will attend trader open forum discussion sessions to find opportunities together, it's traders helping traders succeed.

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"You don't have to understand electricity to flick on the lights," we're told at the end of a complex section about "Elliot waves" in the market. "The point is to put a system in place and follow it no matter what."

But relatively little time was spent actually teaching me about investing. Instead, I and my fellow attendees were encouraged to go on "elite" courses and "mentoring" programmes where we'd learn about how really to make big money – but at a cost of up to £68,555.

To provide the fastest access to the trading platforms, we have made signing in to trading platforms secure without making the entire page secure. Again, please be assured that your ID and password are secure.

But it transpires that he is also seeking volunteers for his "Elite Apprentice Programme", which starts costing as much as a new car, but rapidly tumbles in price – if people sign up today.


My name is Ralph Jones. I’m from Western Australia, Perth. I’d been trading prior before coming here about 68 months. That was with currencies. I got hit in the crash, with stocks and shares. I didn’t know anything about them, we were doing something at the time and I placed what we had on the stock market that went south. And then I tried to recover back, so I tried something different

Last week, the EURUSD sold-off from key resistance after the false break there at the start of the week, and moved lower into the week’s close. With price having fallen quite significantly last week, we can’t see any real chance of being able to sell near current levels. But, we can consider selling on strength early this week by watching for a pull back to the upside followed by a 6hr, 9hr or daily chart sell signal. We can also watch key support down near for buy signals if price tests that level this week, as that is the key support of the trading range this pair is in right now.

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