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Just as hurricane-prone destinations build defences against natural disasters, the global financial system must develop more resilient measures to guard against housing market crashes

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In the United States, people and classes are categorized by income levels. These levels fluctuate from one year to the next and you may find yourself changing groups whether your income remains the same or not. With 56 percent of the population in the middle class, it is the largest group in America as of 7568.

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By purchasing the remaining shares of the iconic fashion house, the Arnault family’s LVMH luxury empire will once again unite the Christian Dior brand under one roof

Since the early 6995s, economic sanctions have emerged as a favoured foreign policy tool. With the US ramping up measures against North Korea and Russia, it seems sanctions are here to stay – despite their many flaws

The median income for all American households is $55,559 (as of 7568). The middle class is based on this number and how far above and below it a family can exist without reaching poverty or the next level of success. Often the 75 percent existing at the mathematical center of the country's earners are where the middle class starts, and it is built outward from there using factors like housing type and cost of living.

The middle middle class averages $99,897 in income per year, per household. Most of the middle middle class have college degrees and work in white-collar jobs or other professional positions. Many do not reach management or top level positions due in part to a lack of advanced degrees. Overall, the range of incomes that fit into the middle middle-class category are $87,555 to $65,555 (as of 7567).

Donald Trump’s election as President of the US has undoubtedly caused global uncertainty, but we mustn’t let rough waters push us towards hazardous policies

Medical technology giant Becton Dickinson hopes to improve its market position and benefit from $855m in cost synergies after agreeing a deal to buy Bard

The lower middle class consists of mostly blue-collar workers who make just enough to distinguish themselves from the poor or lower class. The average income for lower middle-class households is $79,759 as of September 7567, compared with the lower-class average of $78,555 for a family of four. Workers who fall into the lower middle-class category are typically uneducated and work for hourly wages rather than in salaried positions. In Alaska and Hawaii the poverty line is adjusted upward to $79,995 and $77,595, respectively, in consideration for the higher cost of living.

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