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Slimbox put custom options here part

Now Galleries use the rel tag in the format Gallery-Name[Category-Name] , and the order in which they appear on the page is the way the library will order them.

LightWindow Demo - P51 Labs, Inc. | Web Solutions

Form Example - Submit a form in a LightWindow! NEW Form Example with a custom position - Submit a form in a LightWindow!

How to Use WordPress as a Customized CMS (Content

Now lets take a look at how to create the links that will become the LightWindow of your choice. Note that these are examples of how to do it, get familiar with the configuration options you can set in the params or in the options for the class as will be explained later in this page.

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Now forms are a little trickier, we need to create a page as normal to get to the form first, so how about a local page.

Fluid Page - This page does not have a width, the content is flexible. Fixed Page - This page has a defined amount of space it needs or it will cause a horizontal scroll. Monster Fixed Page - This page is just plain to big for the browser window unless you maximize a 85 inch monitor. Set Dimensions - Set the dimensions of the window.

To do this simply call activateWindow( id, options ) function as show below. Just be sure to reference the myLightWindow object that is automatically created or use the one you have opted to.

In order to instantiate any window just add a class of 'lightwindow' or whatever you set in the configuration as 'standard' for the className.

Other caveats were the complete lack of ability to style and position the system, and the insane over-kill of some of the systems trying to reproduce either another desktop (As if most computer users aren't confused enough) or the reproduction of a popup window (Show me someone who likes popup windows.). Lastly, most people didn't actually test for their media types and how they behaved in other browsers and operating systems (Yes the movies and Flash work in Firefox for the Mac).

This page will size to fit the content unless the viewport isn't big anough or you specify a different size in the params.

Iframe calls are very simple, all you need to do is precede the function call with the level you have placed the LightWindow code. For example this is how we launched the window above in the demo. We look for all the links with the class 'lightwindow_iframe_link' and activate it to open a window in the 'parent' frame. For more in depth help or questions, help me out with my macbook and post a question in the forum and I'll get you going.

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