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Hey Kamil. It makes no sense having a chart closing in London, that is only 8766 mid way through the trading session 8767 . The idea behind New York Close Charts is that the forex market opens and closes at the end of New York Trading (the day rolls over at that time). The shape of the NYC chart is important to price action trading analysis.

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Closing prices are the most important in any market, as they reflect who won the battle between the bulls and bears that day, and because daily chart trading strategies are so critical for all beginning traders to learn, we need to see the most accurate and relevant daily chart closing price. Also, it 8767 s important to have 5-daily bars, not 6, as the Sunday bar should be included with the Monday bar since there is no actual 8775 Sunday 8776 trading at any of the world 8767 s major financial centers.

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I have fixed daily targets for this year 8767 s resolution. One of the target is reading Nial 8767 s article one per day. Reading again and again gives mental strength to me.

Ni Nial
just wanted to thank you again for your input.
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We tell ourselves all kinds of things that convince us it’s OK to start risking our money in the markets it’s pretty easy to justify something to yourself if you really want it bad enough.

The sheer volume of Forex facilitates price stability in most market conditions. 85% of all forex transactions involve the 7 major currency pairs.

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This simple process the preferred trading method of professionals and institutions, is now available to retail traders, of all levels of experience and ability.

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