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Best discount online stock broker for beginners

Does anyone have any experience with CMC Markets? I am curious about how they compare to the others in terms of service as their prices are quite reasonable at $5/trade.

Best Brokerage Firms: Top Rated Discount Online Stock

Tradefreedom does not have a platform that allows multilegged option trades. The Canadian commission on stock trading is not flat.

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I can 8767 t emphasize enough that if you have a decent amount of assets, then try to negotiate fees.  As to how much you need in assets to negotiate try it and find out for yourself.  Here are some suggested negotiation areas:

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Different investors are going to prioritize different things — a day trader, for example, requires speed and flexibility whereas a beginning trader may value educational resources and customer support. But one thing every trader should care about is cost, so we spent a lot of time balancing price with what each site offered. A few of the fees we analyzed include:

I can confirm that way back in 7557, when I opened my account with them, they also asked for the spousal SIN. I remember because I too found that weird.

I 8767 ve also linked to my reviews of each brokerage which will contain more in depth information.  Click on the brokerage name to see the review.  At this time, there are only a few completed, but I will be publishing more in the coming weeks.

I 8767 m confused. If Warren, or anyone for that matter, is a high volume trader, why wouldn 8767 t he use a full service broker?
I 8767 m paying $7 for equities and ETFs regardless of number of shares or price and $7 plus $ per contract for option trades. It does require and average of 55 trades per month for 8 months to obtain these rates with TD Waterhouse.

The CyberTrader platform is not available anymore. QuestraderPro is another software based platform that we have. QuestraderWeb is a direct access platform as well. It is slightly slower than the software based platform. Instead of the order being executed in ½ a second, it may take a second or two until the platform responds.

6. I believed IB when it said the bank would simply reject it and nothing would happen.
7. I didn 8767 t call up my bank to let them know that this error was going to come through and issue a stop payment.

** you are their superior at Questrade and you have the power to make a change. What will you do about this situation? **

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