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Forex currency strength meters

Once you factor in the costs of electricity, water, rates, loan repayments, and insurance it can seem for some, that there’s never any money left over for anything else apart from bills.

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Henry, this appears to be a winner, so far. I can 8767 t believe that within 65 minutes of downloading, I 8767 m in two winning trades. Your tutorial video that I watched last night was the key.

Windows Desktop Gadgets - Currency Meter

Hi Henry,
I have just downloaded the latest version cms , once installed I started the program and no figures come up they are all blank.
i have reloaded it i have uninstalled the older version but still nothing (well the program starts and comes up but no pairs numbers)
i am going to install the version before this again till the bug has been fixed

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Hi All, Afraid my CSM crashed out as the 5min alarm went off and locked my whole computer. Just would like to know if it is my computer or if there was a problem.

Additionally to organization and clarity, brokers all have different strengths and weaknesses. Certain subsets of brokers and broker types are more ideal for certain intraday styles of trading requiring a small number of pair offerings and razor thin spreads, for example. Others may have increased spreads but also increased offerings. Others may handle rollover uniquely, providing an advantage or disadvantage for swing trading.

Please re-download and retry installation. We have seen this issue, but it is very rare. If you are still unable to register, please use the web version in the CNT website in the meantime.

How do I download your currency metre. I have been trying for ages but all I seem to get is advertisments.
Please..just tell me how what I need to do !!!!!!!

Also, I want to thank Henry Liu for all his work, acurate analysis and recomendations, I have been following your page for about two months, and finally see good results in my account.

i wish i had found you and your currency meter months ago Henry. It really is such an asset and I find your CNT website most helpful and informative in the field of trading the news. Many thanks.

I downloaded the new version but it doesn 8767 t work it needs framework that can be found from the web. I don 8767 t understand. Please help.

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