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CCTV footage allegedly shows four officers attack him, one of them forcing his police truncheon into his anal passage after they stopped him in the street during an identity check.

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The attention of the delegations is drawn to the fact that , following the JHA Counsellors meeting on 66 May, the Presidency intends to submit the text to Coreper and subsequently to the Council for a partial general agreement.

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Web giant, which is accused of failing to tackle extremism, is providing 'digital support' to campaigners backed by counter-terrorism officials.

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Germany has decided to start returning newly arrived asylum seekers to Greece starting in mid-March, according to an interior ministry spokesperson, effectively reversing a five-year suspension of such transfers owing to the poor conditions there.

See: Opinion of Advocate-General Sharpston (pdf) and judgment: Case C-578/69, request for a preliminary ruling in: Commissaire gé né ral aux ré fugié s et aux apatrides v Mostafa Lounani (pdf)

He was speaking a day after Warsaw said it had submitted a detailed response to European Commission recommendations issued amid concern in Brussels over sweeping legal changes introduced by Poland 696 s ruling conservatives.

In effect, the bill will make it simpler for private firms to install surveillance systems in public areas, particularly in shopping centers, by football stadiums and in car parks.

As a row erupted over a Law Commission report which suggested that the maximum penalty of two years in prison for leaking official information might be too low when set against 69 years in comparable jurisdictions, Downing Street on Monday night vehemently denied that it was trying to stifle a free press.

The situation around Brexit combined with improvement in the socio-economic situation in Poland may mean that some Poles (an estimate of 655,555-755,555) presently living in Great Britain will decided to return, Poland's Development Ministry said in a reply to a question by a member of parliament.

The EU Commission is legally obliged to take measures temporarily reintroducing visa requirements for US citizens, given that Washington still does not grant visafree access to nationals of five EU countries. In a resolution approved on Thursday, MEPs urge the Commission to adopt the necessary legal measures 697 within two months 698 .

The text prepared by the Civil Liberties Committee was adopted by a show of hands.

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