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Put option definitions parts

Travel With Anxiety/Thousands Wandering Aimlessly/Terrorists Welcome Aboard/The Worst Airline/Try Walking Across/Teeny Weeny Airlines/Third World Airlines.

Security System Definitions and Terms

eXtended Three-Letter Acronym. Amusing ironic enhancement of TLA. Basically XTLA can mean any acronym of four or more letters. (Thanks P Gover)

Acronyms finder dictionary and abreviations finder

Warrant - an agreement that gives the holder the right to purchase an underlying financial instrument at a given price and time or at a series of prices and times according to a schedule or warrant agreement.

Scale and balance definitions in simple terms

Keep Your Hands And Feet To Yourselves. For the of audiences, or unruly adult ones. Originally a teachers' acronym but much too good to restrict to school assemblies. (Acknowledgments to Anstey Latimer School, Leicester, England.)

Modified Guaranteed - an annuity that contains a provision that adjusts the value of withdrawn funds based on a formula in the contract. The formula reflects market value adjustments.

Umbrella and Excess (Personal) - non-business liability protection for individuals above a specific amount set forth in a basic policy issued by the primary insurer or a self-insurer for losses over a stated amount or an insured or self-insurer for known or unknown gaps in basic coverages or self-insured retentions.

Circling the Drain. Healthcare acronym. Technically and originally Close To Death. Transferable to a wide variety of lost causes. (Ack L Russell)

Just Enough Essential Parts/Just Enough Engine Power/Junk Each and Every Part/Just Empty Every Pocket.

Change in Valuation Basis - a change in the interest rate, mortality assumption or reserving method or other factors affecting the reserve computation of policies in force.

Human Remains. Cynical interpretation of the more conventional Human Resources meaning (thanks Gwen). Additionally, alternatively, and ironically, also: Hardly Relevant (thanks Nikki).

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