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Bungalow house plans with side garage

What are you likely to see in bungalow plans?

What are the common features of bungalow floor plans?

Every house (including bungalows) often have the following:

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Bungalow style home designs were popular in the western United States at the turn-of-the-century. Their layouts were affordable, and offered simple living with an artistic touch. Bungalow homes include one and half stories with most living spaces on the first floor, efficient floor plans , and a low-pitched roof. Bungalow layouts position the living room in the center of the floor plan, making them truly family friendly. It is common for bungalows to have a covered front porch or sunroom with many windows making it a cheerful style for its smaller size. Bungalow dwellings provided Americans with their first home experience and the ultimate American dream and today are still a favorite thanks to their relaxed, casual feel.

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We also offer you more information about each plan including more photo colors of interiors and more exterior and rear views. Photographs show you how the same home was built by different clients who easily customized their pre-drawn plans to fit their needs, budget and lot.

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You&rsquo re ordering direct from the Architects and Designers who designed the plans. This gets you optimum personal customer service, better value for your dollar and direct contact with the architect or designer for any questions. You&rsquo ll find unlimited architectural floor plan styles and sizes, free plan revision consultation and free house plan modification estimates!

Our experience in designing custom homes has allowed us to meet and work with thousands of individuals, couples, partners and families. Nothing compares to going to that piece of land you love, stepping onto that foundation among those fragrant framed walls and imagining your new life in your new home.

Who decides what should be included in bungalow floor plans?

It's YOU, the property owner.

Remember though that the more the number of items in the bungalow house plan, the larger the space occupied by the property and the greater the number of partitions. And all of that translates into higher construction cost.

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