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Year 9 options computing capital gains

Previous knowledge of law is not necessary though you should try to keep informed of legal matters through news, current affairs and documentaries.

Year 9 Options booklet 2014-16

Thinking skills will be developed alongside the practical activities to encourage creative thinking. Students become aware of art theory and wider cultural influences. Students keep a sketchbook, to explore themes and develop personal response for projects. Digital cameras may support this creative process

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Rather than financial cost, students are required to make some personal commitments of their own time. There is a huge range of extra-curricular activities and performances run through the dance department and GCSE students are expected to be involved in at least one of these activities and at least one performance.

Year 9 Options - Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School - CCGS

Students will be assessed in a range of practical activities, this will be during their core Physical Education lessons. The strongest three marks will make up 85% of the final grade. Students will also be required to carry out an analysis of performance in one of their chosen practical activities. This will count for 65% of their final grade.

It is not just about being "good" at drawing or painting it is about having an interest in all things visual, wanting to learn more and make something new.

Students are responsible for purchasing their own pens, pencils, rulers, and highlighters. It is advisable that students purchase their own copy of the course textbooks so that they can study outside of school, but it is not required.

During theoretical lessons students will be expected to develop the ability to analysis information, discuss the importance of physical activity, label anatomical diagrams, interpret information from graphs, and recall factual information. It is also vital that students learn how to apply their understanding of theoretical elements to specific practical activities.

In addition to the subject knowledge Food preparation and Nutrition will help students to develop some important skills that will be useful in other subjects and in their future lives. These include:

Students should have a genuine interest in the Health and Social Care sector with a desire to work with people. Students must be good at meeting deadlines due to the number of coursework based units.

The content is not examinable, so those looking to undertake any form of IT qualifications MUST select either GCSE ICT or GCSE Computing as an option subject.

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