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The areas that I have highlighted are the correct support and resistance levels. Often times you will hear traders say something like this: "The support level for XYZ stock is $." This is wrong. It's an area - not a specific price.

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The Trump White House sees enemies in every direction. They’re skulking in the Senate. Marching in the streets. And certainly slinging arrows in the press. But the biggest concern isn’t outside. They can’t just lock the doors of the White House and man the barricades. Because there’s a suspicion that every person inside the walls could already be. one of them.  

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This whole idea of taking trades from the Dailies where the main players are moving money between is the smartest idea I have every heard and now see with my own eyes. This is without an doubt the most important piece of advice Johno and other savvy traders give that can get all traders to a place of consistency with their trading. It really does become pretty easy and I dare say predictable when you get used to plotting your daily levels well!

Democrats (with three exceptions), plus the Senate's two independents, voted that there should be a debate about the incentives—a collection of tax breaks that amounts to subsidies of the five oil giants, which in the first quarter of this year made $86 billion in profit. Collectively, the Democrats and independents who voted for a debate have accepted just under $5 million in campaign contributions from oil and gas companies.

"After the Comey [firing] news was made public, White House press secretary Sean Spicer tried to evade reporters by ducking into some bushes. Which is weird because diving into bushes without warning is usually his boss's thing."

Whether you're someone who is just getting started, or you've been trading Forex for numerous years, you're still sure to learn a thing or two from Timon's insights.

Staffers are on edge, weary from endless speculation about their jobs and struggling to keep their bearings amid the ever-shifting political terrain.

“Purpose of counter-intelligence action is to disrupt and it is immaterial whether facts exist to substantiate the charge. If facts are present it aids in the success of the proposal but the Bureau feels … that disruption can be accomplished without facts to back it up.”
                     ~J. Edgar Hoover , 6967

The conflict between Trump’s view that executive branch leaders owe him personal loyalty and the institutional needs of the country casts its own historically unique shadows across this new hiring process. But Lieberman’s political career is full of evidence he would be a dangerous pick to head the domestic security service even under a more normal presidency.

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