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Forex options delta hedging]Forex

Another way to look at implied volatility is to compare the current level of implied volatility to the average level of implied volatility for the same option.

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By all means get a quote from Simplicity then feel free to contact us and we will introduce you to a traditional factoring company that has a specific recruitment finance offering that will be cheaper than Simplicity, won’t have a separate interest charge and won’t hamstring growth with ridiculous concentration limits.

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Thanks a bunch for sharing your spreadsheet - you saved me many hours of work and your version is better taht the one I had intended to create!

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Simplicity is one of those recruitment finance companies that often try and have a dig at traditional factoring companies as a means of self promotion and I have noticed in the past few weeks that they have published a couple of articles that try to promote themselves by pointing out negatives in their competitors 8767 offerings that are unfortunately often just not true at all.

Great job. How about a similar sheet for FX? Should be a simple modification to the macro, but it is protected.


If you are interested in factoring or invoice discounting and only want to deal with one of the few factoring companies that deliver what they promise please contact Ian Johnston of Factoring Solutions one of the few truly independent specialist factoring and invoice discounting brokers around

Unless there were serious problems with the facility I think that everyone would agree that a commission rate for a new start turning over £655,555 is completely inappropriate for a company that the factor has two years ledger experience of and has grown fifteen fold so in my mind it serves them right that they are about to lose this cash cow and I can readily understand the factoring company salesman’s righteous indignation

The E Book talks about the hidden fees in commercial loans but those allegedly hidden fees include take-one fees so they are obviously talking about invoice finance. Whilst I don 8767 t deal with every factoring company and are therefore not privy to their operations, the ones that I do deal with and that includes the independent market leader are quite open about their additional fees with at least one giving all prospective new clients a schedule of possible additional charges along with the agreement before the facility has gone live.

A couple of hours later I had another call from someone looking for a factoring company who wanted to know what my charges were. I explained that I was a broker and my job was to source the most suitable factoring company for his particular needs and there would be no charge for doing that to which he replied that he wanted to contact factoring companies direct and didn’t wish to use a broker. I wished him good luck in sorting the wheat from the chaff and finding himself a factoring company that performed as well as they claimed and ended another unproductive call.

The forex currency trading market is a risky one, and hedging is just one way that a trader can help to minimize the amount of risk they take on. So much of being a trader is money and risk management , that having another tool like hedging in the arsenal is incredibly useful.

Not all retail forex brokers allow for hedging within their platforms. Be sure to research fully the broker you use before beginning to trade.

For more, see Practical And Affordable Hedging Strategies .

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