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What qualifications do you need to become a stock broker

Hi Sami, yes, both have their merits and limitations. I would say that if you plan to work in UK / commonwealth countries or companies that are headquartered in these places, go for ACCA otherwise, if you plan to work in US or US companies, US CPA is a better choice. It also depends whether you can get qualified for the CPA exam. For ACCA, shouldn 8767 t be a problem as the entry barrier is much lower. Regards, Stephanie

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I have done mba in finance and currently doing job as accountant in gulf which accounting certification will you suggest me with maximum exemptions awarded.

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There is a general guideline known as the 8775 8E 8776 that most state boards follow these days. It requires 5 years of higher education, minimum number of accounting and business credit hours, passing of a uniform exam and verified relevant experience. This education requirement is the highest among all finance and accounting certification.

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Hello I am doing CA. Please advice which other combination degree I can take while doing CA.
My teacher is saying to do .

Also, CPA is the only qualification that has a statutory right to do something special, that is, signing audit reports and issuing audit opinions. Because of this, CPAs are also the most regulated.

I have 9 years bachelors in Accounting & Finance from University of Karachi Pakistan & 5 years of Accounting experience from Pakistan.

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Hi Yap, ACCA should be well recognized in Malaysia as far as I know. US CPA would be useful if you work in a US regional office, or in a local company with listing in the US. It 8767 s also a better consideration if you plan to work in the US some day.

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