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A leaking back tire can lower a parked bike enough to allow it to fall to the right if you are on uneven pavement. For overnight parking, use the center stand.

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Audio Priorities and Switching
As with most motorcycle Bluetooth intercom communications systems on the market today (including the Scala Rider family), the fixed audio priorities are:


Car and Driver (June), reports that you should use a quality motor oil (doesn't make much difference which one), and change the oil and filter when indicated by the owners manual and not before.

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From "." (August 7568): "Thanks for the review, I am shopping for new headsets and trying to decide what to buy.

A silicon lubricant will clean, preserve, polish, and protect many of the non-painted surfaces. This includes the windscreen and the aluminum muffler cover. Water now beads on the muffler cover and the windscreen looks brand new.

If it weren’t for the link tone, which isn't always audible, it is very difficult to tell when an active device is connected to a Q6 or Q8 intercom, other than hearing the other party breathing.

I just received the latest issue of MCN (Motorcycle Consumer News, .), where a review of intercom devices is provided. Looks like you scooped them on the Q6/Q8.

More modular than the Scala Rider G9, the Q6 and Q8 intercom systems feature replaceable stereo speakers connected via a mm port on the back of the base unit, with the interchangeable and replaceable hybrid (boom) or corded microphones connected using a mm connector.

Management of paired devices or audio channels is based on defined audio priorities (see Audio Priorities below), although the Q6 and Q8 intercoms have some audio priority flexibility.

And if an A7DP music player (MP8, etc.) is activated for music streaming, its audio replaces the FM stream almost instantly.

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