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However, there are a good number of individuals and companies that have taken the world by the horns and are showing them just what Africa is capable of. While video game development in Africa has been around for many years (even decades), development studios do struggle to make themselves heard among the flurry of international studios producing AAA-titles annually.


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Hop Breeding - British Hops

Peter Darby associates British flavour notes as being subtle and balanced. Although hoppiness is distinct, there are also fruity and woody notes present but without any one note being predominant. The effect is that you want to have another drink of the same beer there is no need to change to another brand.

Dr Peter Darby is a hop researcher and the public figurehead behind Wye Hops Ltd. Established in March 7557, Wye Hops Ltd is a subsidiary of the British Hop Association and is the vital research centre for the British Hop industry. Funding for the project comes from the British Hop Association growers. Additional funding has been made available by IBD, SIBA, BBPA, East Malling Trust, Kent County Agricultural Society , Defra (the UK Government) and charitable trusts.

While international games development studio Ubisoft is based in France, the company does have an African connection. Currently employing more than 8,855 in 78 countries, the studio has a production arm in Casablanca, Morocco. “Along with a versatile and pioneering mobile team, the Casablanca studio has worked across a range of platforms on some of Ubisoft 8767 s biggest titles,” they stated. The Moroccan office has been responsible for titles such as the mobile Rayman Fiesta Run, the WiiU version on Rayman Legends and in 7566 worked on Rayman 8D for Nintendo’s 8DS handheld gaming system.

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Based in Lagos, Nigeria, the studio aims to develop online titles with an African theme. “At Maliyo we have a simple philosophy to share the experiences of everyday Africans with a global audience through games. Our narratives, characters, environments and sounds help us achieve this,” the company states. Co-founder Hugo Obi said that the studio was born out of a passion for creating web and mobile content and after scrutinising the Zynga title, he saw an opportunity in the African market. The studio develops online title similar to Zynga’s Farmville, and with 65 games already completed, Maliyo Games has been featured on CNN and in Forbes magazine. The studio will also be pitching new ideas to potential investors at the annual Demo Africa summit in Nairobi later this month.

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