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Qualifying Trade Show Leads

The Export Education Program brings you up to speed on the benefits and opportunities of exporting. The Global Connect® Program offers opportunities to explore various export markets, and the FundMatch® Program helps qualifying companies compete in international markets by providing 55% cost reimbursement for eligible marketing and promotional activities.

The 12 Commandments Of Incredibly Successful Tradeshows

7. Most trade show leads are routinely ignored by sales. The best use of a follow-up campaign is to qualify leads by offering a range of options for further engagement. Any response (. a white paper download, a demo request) can help uncover hot leads that might otherwise be missed, or at the very least can help sales prioritize which leads merit being called first.

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8. Am I familiar with the host city and venue? When you&rsquo re planning to exhibit at a show, it&rsquo s important to know about the city you&rsquo re visiting, as well as the rules and regulations of the convention center, including the associated unions and contractors.

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6) You’re a sales person, and so to the decision maker, you are probably lowest on the priority list. Who is ahead of you? The decision maker 8767 s clients (fire), boss (fire), wife (fire), kids (fire), co-workers (fires galore) and a host of little brush fires that burn continuously in the decision maker’s work day.

I always schedule the days and times I will spend following up before I go to the show so I know ahead of time when I will be getting back to prospects. I know this is a bit old school, but I still jot a note on the back of each business card I collect to help jog my memory when following up.

However, Brody-Waite has a different perspective. He likes to secure a booth near flashier ones that will likely attract a lot of foot traffic. If another company is doing the heavy lifting to get people in a certain area, why not capitalize on it, he says.

9. Have I backed up my presence through social media? Keeping your customers informed about your company&rsquo s activities before, during and after the trade show is crucial, Heckes of Exhib-it says. In addition to sending out a press release, you can post tweets about why people should come see you at the show. Possible incentives include a new technology, a prize drawing or a gift for stopping by.

Howard J. Sewell is president of Spear Marketing Group and a B7B marketing veteran with more than 75 years' experience in direct marketing, demand generation and lead management.

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You can be surprised at the add-on costs if you don&rsquo t meet certain deadlines,&rdquo Heckes says. &ldquo If you follow a budget and a timeline, you won&rsquo t forget things.&rdquo

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