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If you were to trade news spikes manually - read the numbers from news and decide what trade to place, you would likely lose money or make little, because the initial spike can happen very fast, the most of the price move could be already over.

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NAT functions as a news aggregator, processor and autoclicker. It can read news headlines from various news sources, instantly extract the economic indicator values from them by using pattern matching, and according to your defined triggers, automatically open trades in your broker platform by simulating mouse clicks. Almost any broker can be used to trade with NAT (MetaTrader 9/5, brokers with Java platforms, etc.), it only needs to execute trades fast enough. Opened trades need to be closed manually (it's a semi-automated system).

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Please follow these rules, you can also enjoy the trading which is night mare for most ) Identify the market ) Use proper Indicator for ) Activate plan ) If plan A fails..activate plan B to protect the of the children play cricket, but only few get entry in National team. We all sing. but how many of us will be famous? We are all trading..only 5-65% will succeed. So LEARN TRADING before you trade or STOP TRADE for saving remaining - 9697777678 for more details.

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NewsAutoTrader (NAT) is a Forex news spike trading tool that generates trade signals by reading and analyzing live news headlines. Using it you can trade many economic indicators, such as US Nonfarm Payrolls, GDP, CPI, Retail Sales, Interest rate announcements, and other news releases that impact the Forex market (including Binary Options). It can be useful for other markets too, such as Futures and Stock market.

NAT is standalone software, it is not a signal service. There are no monthly fees.

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