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Precious metals options trading usaa

We back our smart, simple and cost effective solutions for diversifying in precious metals with a combination of assurances you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

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As an investment, precious metals are sought after to diversify portfolios and as a store of value , particularly as a hedge against inflation and during times of financial uncertainty. The single most popular precious metal for investment purposes is gold, followed by silver, and there are several options for gaining exposure.

Thursday Sector Laggards: Precious Metals, Non-Precious

A key division of Dillon Gage is our full-service precious metals refinery which processes a wide range of material from low-grade bench sweeps to high-grade scrap. Our advanced technology combines with superior expertise and friendly service to provide the best possible customer experience. We provide swift settlements for even the largest lots of gold, silver and platinum. Our fees are simple and disclosed up-front so that you can feel at ease and secure when you tender your assets to our technicians. Additionally, our proprietary stone removal services can recover even the smallest melee.  Once recovered, our expert diamond buyers will happily provide you with a bid.

Precious Metals and Iron Futures and Options

Stay on the pulse of the metals markets and ahead of opportunity by signing up today for our free quarterly report, The State of the Metals. SM Along with recaps of prior quarter highlights and performance figures, you’ll also be privy to periodic insights from our own EverBank World Markets President, Chris Gaffney.
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Filling Up Your Treasure Chest
Let's take a look at the options available to those who want to invest in precious metals.

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Because every investor is different, we offer two distinct ways to buy your metals. Choose our Metals Select Allocated Account to buy specific coins and bars directly, or opt for the more affordable Metals Select Unallocated Account and have your metals pooled with other EverBank clients.

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A Precious Metals IRA is a Self-Directed IRA. You can invest in your choice of IRA-approved products. APMEX specialists are available to help you diversify your assets into a Precious Metals portfolio. Any profits from the sales of your investments can be tax deferred, just like any profits from any IRA, as long as you keep the proceeds from your sale with your custodian for reinvestment or transfer the proceeds to another IRA account.

The LME is committed to working with the precious metals community to deliver risk management and pricing solutions for the benefit of the whole market.

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