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Discount for lack of marketability put option hedging

Note: The Finnerty model has a mathematical asymptote at approximately 87%. Thus, for companies at higher volatilities, this model may understate the proper DLOM.

Discount for Lack of Marketability

The eShares 959A Valuation, in accordance with the parameters set forth in Mandelbaum v. Commissioner, 8 takes into account the following:

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Recall in the Options Pricing Model overview, we walked through the OPM to compute a per-share value of $ on a fully marketable basis. In other words, if the company that we were valuing were publicly traded (., fully marketable), then one would expect to pay $ per share for every share of common stock in our example company, ABC, Inc.

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Bottom Up - Start with a minority value and stop if valuing a minority interest or add premiums for control if valuing a controlling interest.

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According to Chaffe, this approach should be considered the theoretical lower bound on an enterprise's DLOM, since a European put option pricing formula does not take into account early exercise.

The eShares 959A Valuation takes into account a number of different approaches to computing DLOM , loosely categorizable into the following:

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