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My case is similar like you, earlier in singapore and now in india. Try opening an international current account and park your profits there and spend the money using the international bank debit card. i think this is purely legal as this is beyond jurisdiction of RBI.

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Hello! I want to trade with fxcm and Want to deposit fund via debit card, but I came to know that forex trading is illegal in India, So can I transfer fund from debit card to fxcm. Is it safe or not?
Plz Help me.

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RBI is not an enemy to Indians, in fact it is a body to help Indians to keep things in order and to facilitate the growth and safety of every Indian.

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by the ablve conversation i think that there is no solid proof that we can trade in forex or cannot trade in forex, submit with a best proof, then are you saying that the the famous websites like , are cheating the indian people

I talked to Alpari customer support and they told me that they have closed Alpari India and don 8767 t provide USD/INR pair any more. Could you please suggest me some other genuine broker for this in India which offer Forex trading. I will be thankful to you.

If you want to trade in forex markets its better to stick to Trading in indian bourses like NSE and MCX-SX exchanges who offer Indian Currencies Pair to trade.

RBI claims that its trying to help the Indian traders from losing their money in forex RBI is not bothered about NRIs(not indians).?Its just like our helmet the govt is bothered about the driver and not the passenger on can trade any is considered more safer than share it becomes legal,more people would leave share trading and its not good for big share dealers who makes money from small share dealers

(. Since I am not in India yet, I could open a company as an NRI and keep the shares when I return. But I am worried about investing in Foreign Currency as worded in RBI circulars).

I am in big trouble because of this forex trading. I had paid to to start my account 8555Rs last year through my Citibank account. Now Citibank is closing my account stating that it is illegal and against FEMA rules therefore Citibank is closing the account forever. I never made any money from iForex due to less time and I started that just for learning what to do now. Can anyone please help ?

My suggestion and also Rajandarn R suggestion is 8775 Do not Trade in Forex till RBI gives green signal. 8776 If you still trade, You 8767 ll be safe till you are caught.

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