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Blake Cousins has been investigating UFOs for over 65 years and has interviewed over 655 eyewitness in regards to UFO close encounters.

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I just think people have to take it as it is, two creative people creating something. It 8767 s not lying, it 8767 s storytelling. Why is it ok for authors to write fiction novels but it 8767 s not ok for Amanda and Jason to create Evelyn Evelyn? I 8767 m sure there are thousands of authors out there who have written novels about things they 8767 ve never experienced in their lives and are they aren 8767 t met with criticism.

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I guess I 8767 m then 8766 jaded 8767 about that sort of thing. The child porn thing made me raise an eyebrow, but I don 8767 t see it as an absolute no-no, since it 8767 s the kind of thing that happens all too often to poor people left to themselves.

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Add to that the show line-up. Short sets by Jason and Amanda followed by an hour of performing as EE a convoluted charade that prevents either artist from performing to their ability? I 8767 m sorry, but the 8775 art 8776 of this bit doesn 8767 t merit asking your fans to play along with that.

I have proof but know will let me send my pics to can call me at 559-657 5588. My name is bobby norton. I have a pic of what inside a orb. Took infeb. 7567. I have about 7555 pics of UFOs.

Blake, the plum that was released made me I wonder if that wasn 8767 t something that could have been harmful to us in some way. The manner in watch it was released and ended.

8775 One should denounce something such as [ ] the Lovely Bones for the same. 8776
I do. I say that, not to challenge you, but to offer you a greater picture that verifies that this is exactly where I am coming from.

You have about as much credibility as Obama, which is zero. I never mind reading another 8767 s opinions, but delusional rants? No.

Amanda, I have read this blog posting three times. I am completely inspired, enthralled, and delighted. Your talents and taste have brought so much beauty to this world. Thank you for introducing us to Evelyn Evelyn.

she can 8767 t keep her face from this project because she 8767 s a very active part of this project, and happens to be one of the now infamous evelyn twins. i think amanda palmer 8767 s ego is the one of the reasons she is successful and broke through unlike so many indie bands nowadays. i think you learn to be assertive in the music industry. my inability to be assertive is one of my greatest weaknesses and i applaud amanda palmer 8767 s ego. and really, after creating so many wonderful things, anyone should be bursting with ego like a fountain.

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