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PDF Profile of the Stock Options Market in Hong Kong

If a user attempts to perform an operation that exceeds the limit for a single call, then the database aborts the operation, rolls back the current statement, and returns an error, leaving the current transaction intact.

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If you specify DEFAULT for either parameter, then Oracle Database uses the value defined in the DEFAULT profile. By default, all parameters are set to UNLIMITED in the DEFAULT profile. If you have not changed the default setting of UNLIMITED in the DEFAULT profile, then the database treats the value for that parameter as UNLIMITED.


In a Terminal Server or Citrix environment it is not possible to restart the machine, as there may be other users logged on.  Therefore you may use one of the following workaround files.

Market profile handbook - Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Use the following clauses to set password parameters. Parameters that set lengths of time are interpreted in number of days. For testing purposes you can specify minutes ( n /6995) or even seconds ( n /86955).

If you specify an integer for either of these parameters and specify UNLIMITED for the other, then the user can never reuse a password.

On Terminal Server this should then install file in each user profile under C:\Documents and Settings\ user \Windows.

These tmp files are actually the true type fonts that are used by the Windows print spooler when printing a PDF.  The font files get created using the Windows call CreateScalableFontResource.  This Windows API call locks the files and thus when Acrobat calls DeleteFile on these files, sometimes an ACCESS_DENIED error is returned and they cannot be deleted.

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