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Recurring deposit premature withdrawal calculator

A penalty of % shall be levied for premature closure/part withdrawal/ premature extension of Domestic/NRO term deposits of less than crore that are accepted /renewed on or after .

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Types of Savings Bank Accounts
Savings bank accounts are the most basic financial product that are available these days.

Fixed Deposit

The penalty of premature breaking of the recurring deposit varies from bank to bank. For ., the Canara Bank charges a penalty of 6 percent on the premature breaking of the recurring deposit. The bank immediately breaks your recurring deposit after making the calculation of the concerned interest and the penalty so charged.

Types of Bank Deposit Accounts in India – Current, Saving

Remain carefree in your golden years by investing in Deutsche Bank Fixed Deposits. You can avail of special rates on selected tenures* and choose to receive interest monthly, quarterly or at maturity as per your requirement. All Resident Indians Individuals of 65 years and above of age can avail benefits of this scheme. New customers need to submit a valid age proof along with the application.

In case of a deposit which is renewed automatically on the due date (where no instructions for Auto Renewal was given on the date of opening the term deposit) and the depositor has requested for renewal for a different maturity period, interest at prevailing SB rate will be paid for the period from the date of maturity till the date of presentation for renewal of the deposit for a different maturity period. The same is applicable for an auto-renewed deposit presented for part renewal/alternate instructions which are different to the originally contracted terms of the deposit.

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kindly answer the dr 8767 s question that what in case if a rd account holder dies while his rd is on ?? can a nominee continue it till its maturity or not ?? if not then the penalty is applicable or not ???

There are various banks that do not charge any penalty for the premature breaking of FDs as well as RDs. These banks are IDBI Bank Freedom Deposit, Yes Bank, ING FD+ and Axis Bank in terms of NRE Deposits.

Hi sir, i have opened RD in hdfc earlier this month but now i want close that because of my financial situation.
How much percent of amount I 8767 ll get back if i break that now and will I face any problems in taxes in future pls help

Hi Shivam, 6% penal interest shall be charged at the time of premature cancellation or part withdrawal for Recurring Deposit in PNB

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