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Forex trading seminar sydney universities

These posts often present Forex trading as a simple, low risk, way to create passive income. Excuse my language, but this is bullshit for so many reasons.

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8. There is no right 8775 system 8776 to make money in Forex trading. Do a quick Google search for 8775 Forex Trading 8776 and you 8767 ll get page after page of products and 8775 free 8776 courses that claim to have the secret to making money trading currencies. 99% of them are no more than scammy crap.

You too can be a forex trader but be warned, it's a gamble

I have to say I totally agree. Trading Forex or any other type of market will only result in loss. Options trading is a BAD BUSINESS.
You simply cannot make money because there isn 8767 t any consistency to these markets.

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forget about fundamental analysis i consistantly lost for5 years using it. it turns you into a predictor and not a reactor

67 time frame selection if your trading off daily charts as opposed t5 6 hour charts your drawdown period will be much longer simply because you have lessor trades and you trade size will be much greater

I would just like to add, for your consideration, something I am working through. If we are helped then so be it.
Be honest with yourself about what you think of money. Were you told(taught) money is the root of all evil?(the love of )?
Do you hate evil or do you love it? Obviously you hate evil. You are a good person. Now, who is behind that quote about money evil etc?
I am gonna say that those who control the money supply are the ones who fed that lesson far and wide so they would have all the money power they wanted.
Problem solved you are not making money because you hate it.

To any bloggers that have, or plan on recommending Forex trading to their readers. I challenge you to put your money where your mouth (keyboard?) is. Unless you have experience trading Forex, and more importantly, making money in Forex over a significant time frame. Don 8767 t recommend it to your readers.

Recently I 8767 ve read some absolutely terrible advice on more than a few finance blogs. I 8767 m not going to call anyone out specifically, but it seems a lot of bloggers are advocating Forex (foreign exchange) trading to their readers.

oh, and one more thing. Most unsuccessful traders loose because they 8775 seculate 8776 , ., they trade what they 8775 expect 8776 that might happen and not what is really happening. That was also my mistake for a long time and lost also a lot of money until I changed the whole view, how I see the market. And note that I am not trying to sell any 8775 miracle books 8776 or website contents here. 😉

I agree with all comments
But if u are in
with the smalest amout
make many operations in the same time
let ur operation for days stop ur lost or ur gain
to the time for trading
You will remark that the markets are moving quickly two times or three times a weak
Its worst than gambling the brokers and banks took the money of the smalest investors
Thanks I thought that I am alone in this bad business
Dont tried it it s hard to win and its so easy to lose

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