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I have a Pitbull and she is the sweetest thing. I hate when people judge her for what she is, it is not what she is it is how you treat and raise your pit. Any dog could turn into and aggressive animal with abusive owners. I couldn 8767 t imagine my life now without her she has a huge place in my heart! And I wish people would take the time to learn and see the truth about her breed and not judge her for the lies!

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Test results are adjusted to the situation, a dog with a nervous or submissive owner will have a lower threshold to failure.

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Research studies show that by nature the Pit Bull breed of dog is one of the most gentle breeds of dogs. Also by nature one of the most vicious breeds of dog is the Cocker Spanial.

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Shane, please accept my condolences for you and your family. I 8767 m so glad you got to experience the love and devotion of a Pit Bull there 8767 s nothing like it. Sounds like Odie was an amazing boy, and I know you 8767 ll miss him terribly. Fly free, sweet Odie boy. You 8767 ll see your family again one day.

my latest pit rescue is the best. I have had her for about 9 months now, already have trained as a service dog for my diebeties, she wakes me up in the middle of the night if sugars are way to low or way to high, when we are out and about she gets my attention for my sugars also. she helps me to get up and down cuz of my nerapathy, theses dogs are teh best. She is my 8rd pittie and my second pittie service dog. People need to educate them selves before passing judgement on these wonderfull dogs.

Whether your are a property owner or renter, there is no need for you to give up your beloved bully in exchange for housing simply change your insurer and start enjoying your time with your pet.  This article will cover insurance options for both home owners and renters looking for Pit Bull friendly insurance, as well as a discussion of ways to keep your current Pit-friendly coverage.

Did you read the recent story about a family 8767 s shih tzu that bit an infant 8767 s head, causing a skull fracture that killed the baby? It did make the news (which it should), but the story has already kind of fizzled out because no one gets in much of an uproar, at least not for long, about a docile little shih tzu.

We 8767 ve had State Farm for years. When we moved to NJ the local agent said they could not insure us because of our 8775 pit bulls 8776 . We contacted corporate and they said they had no such policy. We got our homeowners insurance. Don 8767 t stop with the local agent or an on-line response. Sometimes they just assume things.

When we moved to New Jersey we had our initial local agent say they could not insure pit bulls. We contacted corporate and they were quick to support us and ask who told us that (like someone needed to be reprimanded). We got our insurance.

My husband and I live in RI and have State Farm and their homeowners insurance in RHODE ISLAND does NOT discriminate against pit bulls. Just don 8767 t have that pit bull as a therapy dog, then State Farm will drop you.

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