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Set serveroutput on options basics

To completely understand the behavior of the Result Cache feature in an Oracle RAC environment, it would be interesting to discuss the first two methods and then indulge in a discussion on Result Cache.

SQL*Plus Command Reference - Oracle

Start your newly created database (instance) on the destination host start it in NOMOUNT mode (mounting it will be hard because you don 8767 t have any files yet). This instance has all the properties of your final database eg like it 8767 s db_name, directory structures for your control_files, user|background_dump_dest etc.

Oracle SQLJ loadjava Utility - Burleson Oracle Consulting

If this query was executed on instance two (SSKY7), the complete operation is performed all over again (the execution plan looks identical), including the physical I/O and the logical operations, before getting the full results of 855 rows.

Sqlplus set command - Oracle

If the COLSEP variable contains blanks or punctuation characters, you must enclose it with single quotes. The default value for text is a single space.

OFF, the default option, requires that you enter the filenames manually or accept the suggested default filename given. See RECOVER for more information about database recovery.

Determines how SQL*Plus formats white space in terminal output. OFF uses spaces to format white space in the output. ON uses the TAB character. TAB settings are every eight characters. The default value for TAB is system dependent.

Method 8: Result cache If the query performs analytical functions or is a summary table, you could consider using the Result Cache feature in Oracle 66 g , where the final results are stored in the Result Cache making the results available to other users in the system.

Applying this to the discussion above, the block was not in the buffer cache of instance 7 (requestor). However, since a previous user executed this query on instance 6 (holder), the blocks had to be transferred via the interconnect to instance 7.

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Sets the size (in bytes) of the increments SQL*Plus uses to retrieve a BLOB , BFILE, CLOB , LONG , NCLOB or XMLType value.

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