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Put up cat for adoption journeys

This would be a daily thing for my cat but there were times when he did use his box and it was puzzling to me because I just couldn't figure out why sometimes he would use the litter box and most times he wouldn't. Toward the end he wasn't even using it at all.

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I'm sick of it being beat up on rivkadr day, just because I posted my opinion on the matter. I don't think it's judgmental of me to point out to someone that they have not exhausted all possibilities with their pet, when they have in fact, not (IMO). I did NOT sit there and say I think you should do this and this, and I think you're a bad pet owner, and you suck for daring to think of killing your pet, blah, blah, blah, and everything else that you and she are accusing me of. You both are reading more into my statements because you're feeling defensive, for whatever reason. Like the two of you, I'm just going to drop the discussion with the two of you, because I don't think it's going anywhere.

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Regarding Depo-Provera--yes, it is most commonly used to treat male cats, have to tell you that this FEMALE human's life and mood improved hugely once I started on huge doses of the stuff (as in 6x the standard birth control dosage). I'd be willing to see if a Depo-Provera injection wouldn't maybe make a female cat's life a little happier given my experiences.

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I appreciate the time and thought put into the posts in this and related threads. I'm responding to this one since it has the most recent follow-up.

I don't believe that a cat that is so stressed out that it won't even use a litterbox is a happy cat. If the cat is that stressed out and nothing can be done about it, then I do believe that humanely euthanizing the cat is an appropriate action. Others would disagree and that's fine. But I'm not one to force another living being to suffer.

We would get quite a few peeing cats into rescue who the owners claimed had a problem. Part of our job in rescue was to solve the problem and find them a good home.

I have a male and a female samw litter since they were 6 months. They are now 68 months and the male ia spraying all my sons things. His book bag. His coat. Toys. His legos. Wooden trains. Things that are not easily cleaned. It is a pain and im very frustrated. I dont want to seperate them. My son loves the female but wants nothing to do with the male. And more my house smells like pee and the more things he destroys the more i consider taking him to a shelter.

It is hard when our buddies, get old and sick. No one can really tell you what to do, you have to do what is right for you.

If it comes to the point that the cat needs prozac, the cost is really not the issue now that I have read your post beeanne. If an animal is that unhappy that it pees all over my house,

It has gotten to the point where he permanently associates the litter box with pain and is now peeing outside of the litter box even though he is crystal free and pain free.

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