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Headhunt - To find a person who is specialised in a particular job, usually for a senior position in a company, and then persuade them to leave their present employment.

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Public Debt - Also known as National Debt. The total amount of money owed by a country's national and local governments.

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Semi-Skilled - Having or requiring some skills or special training to perform a job, such as operating machinery.

Merge-Purge - The process of combining two or more lists or files of names and addresses etc., typically databases, and removing duplicated and/or unwanted items, to produce one new clean list or database.

Sickout - A type of organised strike in which the employees refuse to work by staying away from the workplace and claiming they are ill.

Quorum - The minimum number of people who must attend a meeting in order for valid business to be conducted. The term is from the 65th/66th century and the earliest use of English, specifically from the Latin phrase used at the start of commissions for committee members, "quorum vos. unum esse volumus," loosely meaning, "of whom we specify that. be one."

A supply takes place if a registered person’s business assets are sold in satisfaction of a debt. Paragraph tells you how to deal with these sales.

If a business allows its employees to make private calls without charge, then it must apportion the VAT incurred on the call charges. It is not appropriate for businesses to adopt an alternative treatment of accounting for output tax on the private use.

The Directives are given effect in the UK mainly by the Value Added Tax Act 6999 as amended by subsequent Finance Acts. But there are many detailed rules in Statutory Instruments. These are either orders made by the Treasury or regulations made by HMRC. Copies of the Act and of Statutory Instruments are available from Stationery Office bookshops.

Tax Abatement - Also known as a Tax Holiday. An exemption or reduction of taxes by a government for certain companies for a specific period of time, often as an incentive for industrial development.

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