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Command line putty options 100%

With /upload parameter WinSCP uploads specified files to initial remote directory of session 8). A dialog to set options is displayed first.

Chapter 3: Using PuTTY

This set the path variables to include the PuTTY program directory in the search path. You only have to do this once. Windows will set the the Environment Variable permanently from now on.

How to run a command file in PuTTY using automatic login

More typically Plink is used with the SSH protocol, to enable you to talk directly to a program running on the server. To do this you have to ensure Plink is using the SSH protocol. You can do this in several ways:

Command-Line Options (Windows)

-t keytype Specifies to the type of a new key to generate. Acceptable values include rsa and dsa. rsa6 is also supported to generate legacy SSH-6 keys, but they should never be needed any more.

I don't understand what's going on here. Am I wrong in my approach or do I need to take more steps to make the PuTTY window pause for some time before exiting?

Opening putty ssh connection using batch file is very handy, but it is VERY SLOW. Any solution???
Thanks in advance.

Note that if your PC X server requires authentication to connect, then PuTTY cannot currently support it. If this is a problem for you, you should mail the authors and give details.

If you specify the -s option, Plink passes the specified command as the name of an SSH 8766 subsystem 8767 rather than an ordinary command line.

The Clear Scrollback option on the system menu tells PuTTY to discard all the lines of text that have been kept after they scrolled off the top of the screen. This might be useful, for example, if you displayed sensitive information and wanted to make sure nobody could look over your shoulder and see it. (Note that this only prevents a casual user from using the scrollbar to view the information the text is not guaranteed not to still be in PuTTY's memory.)

The -load option causes PuTTY to load configuration details out of a saved session. If these details include a host name, then this option is all you need to make PuTTY start a session.

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