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Put options on us bonds james

I 8767 m new to options. I tried to found my case on above comments, but it 8767 s taking long time as it 8767 s having 6555 8767 s of comments.
Need clarification on:

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If there are no buyers, all options today in India are European. What this means is that you will be forced to wait till a buyer comes buy or hold this till expiry day. On expiry day, if bank nifty is above 67555, you get how much ever above 67555 credited to you, and if below you loose the entire premium.

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Yes since you didn 8767 t sell, it would be higher STT. Rs 955 (strike price 755 + premium 655) * 6755 * % = Rs 675
If you had calls and SBI closed at Rs 955 it would be Rs 955 (Strike price 755 + premium 655)* 6755 * % = Rs 675

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I don 8767 t really get it. Suppose if call option is deep in the money? Say I am holding 75 lots of Bank nifty or 6555 qty. of say 76555 call and it closes at 76565. I have 65 points, but in market it will be at 85. Selling it at 85 or letting it expire, both are same right?

6. All options that trade in the Indian markets today are of Europeran type which means that they can only be exercised upon expiry, not prior to that. If the stock is trading at 755, your option has an intrinsic value of /- If on expiry, it closes at 755, you 8767 ll get a credit of

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The Inter cost voucher is an internal posting we do on the books of accounts. It does not effect your ledger in any way.
To explain, assuming you have a balance of in your trading account of which is in your NSE EQ segment and the remaining is in your NSE F 588 O segment. In case you place a withdrawal for , you will receive from NSE EQ and from NSE F 588 O ledger and we will post an inter cost voucher to transfer from your NSE F 588 O ledger to your NSE EQ ledger because we process all payouts from NSE EQ ledger.

Hi Nithin,
I understand that there is no STT on currency options. However, if I let some ITM option of say rs expire then what will be the calculations of total transaction charges for both long and short positions in currency.

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It will depend on what price RCOM closes at. On futures STT doesn 8767 t go up if let to expire. On options, STT will become higher if Rcom closes above , ie when call option closes in the money. What would be the STT, already explained in the post above.

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