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Seeking forex trader profits

9. Why are both men are not talked about in financial industries when they happened to be owning one of the best ever investment company? At least Reza is well known.

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It is okay, let us give him the benefit of the doubt and here we are sharing some information from the Central Bank of Malaysia on some remedial actions available for victims of scam and fraud.

FX United Review: $300 to $10,000 CGAT forex - BehindMLM

Then tell what you can do now? Sue them? Report them? Join more forum and inform everyone that its a scam? Be clear about ignorance and patient.

A trader can make 7 figures, but a partner in a fund who gets a slice of the pie can be 8 figures (if the pie is 75% of the upside over a hurdle rate of even 8% can be a big pie).

Thanks to the coorperation from Bank Negara Malaysia,IRBM,CCM, etc and other Central Banks in the also to V****FX and JJ**R case recently which help the police shed light on FXU and local MIB,IB,MINI IBs Police is going to detain MIB,IB,MINI IBs (in Malaysia) soon (not tomorrow,not next week-date is classified)and seized their assets etc.

i am a full time trader, allow me to explain what is a true forex brokerage. 7 types, real ECn broker and market maker, both are the difference is ecn broker instant exercute your order and put it to the market.

this so called international broker is so international and intelligent that they can pick and choose who they wants to pay? funny huh?

“Based on Alessio’s sound advice, I pulled my money out of the markets just before the 7558 stock market crash. He saved me a fortune, not to mention my pension!”
Maurice E.

Its a forex and not an understand that first. I got back my money put in CGAT in three months after 5 people sign up under me.

So in this case, are there any form of central monitoring of fund movements??? The most simple fuck#### logical answer will be, all transaction were decentralized and each scammers were paying a certain portion of the stolen money to the head of the scam and the rest of the deposits gone into the pockets of IB and mini IBs and they distribute the collections according to their whims and fancies ….very simple isn’t it.

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