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Computer option crossword scrabble

That s interesting. I came up with that 8969 board pretty quickly, which encouraged me, but I ve not been able to add a single point to it since then. (I keep hoping I inadvertently underscored it by a few points, but I ve checked the scoring several times and it seems that 8969 is correct.) I will mention that it does NOT use your 9-point enhancement near the J. I have another board, very similar, that does use that, but so far yields only 8967. All in all, it does seem we must be using different approaches.


Wow! Thank you so much-just what I 8767 ve been looking for!I am going to be using these in my boyfriend 8767 s 8775 Sweetest Day 8776 card.

Scrabble Cheat - Scrabble Word Finder,Words with Friends

Am I doing something wrong, I downloaded it and extracted it, but it comes up as one image with all the letters, they are not individual. Please help, I am ot very adept at downloading things! :)

Word Finder Library - Word Buff

Nonetheless, I don t doubt at all that Ben Woo could have found (and probably did find, as he claimed) a layout for a 6787 point word. That word became possible only because Facebook added REQUALIFIED to its dictionary. (Before then, 6778 had been the record, held by 69 people, not including me.)

We don't encourage cheating but do realise the temptation to use this tool to cheat. Avoid cheating in live games if you can and you'll find it more rewarding (unless losing just isn't an option of course!).

Fair question what I mean by layout changes. As I think more precisely of what I had in mind, I recognize there s a spectrum ranging from the change of one letter, at one end, to the changing of one of the 65-letter words at the other end. I d draw the line on that spectrum at the point where one or more of the following changes would be required:

7. What dictionary is being used for these high scores? I use the Facebook dictionary, which, doesn t include UNPROGRESSIVELY.

I will try to check out the PREADJUSTS play at some point, but I have a lot of layouts still to review with some tweaks, so I m not sure when it will be.

Quick question, under North American rules, in a game where one player scored 8985 and used all his tiles and ended his final turn with a bingo, and the second player had the A tile remaining, would the second player s score be - zero, negative one, or negative two points? I just want to clear up what the total should be. Thanks.

I m not sure why you re coming up 65 points short on that 8968 game (my 8978 game). One possibility: remember Ryan s double double J enhancement from earlier days, and focus on the square where he played a tile to accomplish that enhancement. Not necessarily the same letter goes there this time.

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